virgin human hair for Teenagers

Choosing the wrong shade of lip gloss is annoying but soon forgotten, but making a mistake about changing your hairstyle can take weeks or even months to put right. For a teenager who always wants to look her best this can be devastating and a huge blow to her self-confidence. Clip on hair extensions of virgin lokshair human hair give the freedom to try out all sorts of hairstyles, both weird and wonderful, without permanently altering the current style.

A safe alternative
Curling, straightening and colouring can all damage your hair, especially if you style it yourself at home rather than going to a professional salon. Teenagers who want a different look every week can easily overdo the styling and end up with dry, brittle hair that no amount of lotions and potions can disguise. Testing a new colour, or practising new styling techniques on a natural hair extension eliminates the risk of ruining a teen’s own hair.

The best of both worlds
Most teenagers lead double lives: everyday school life where an easy to manage hairstyle is the best choice, and the world of weekends and holidays where they want to let their hair down, or sweep it up, curl it, straighten it, or colour it bright blue! If they have hair extensions they can instantly double or triple the length of their natural hair, increase the volume, and add a variety of colours. Extensions allow them to copy the hairstyles of their favourite celebrities, or create their own unique styles, without a Monday morning panic about how to revert to their ‘normal’ style.

Choosing the right hair extensions
There are lots of cheap synthetic hair extensions on the market but they look obviously false and rarely last very long. For the best results, always use top quality 100% virgin human hair for extensions that look and feel completely natural. They can be repeatedly washed and styled without losing condition and come in a full range of natural shades from lightest blonde to black. A teenager can choose hair extensions that perfectly match her own hair colour or to add highlights and streaks, either subtle or eye-catching!