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The Many Applications Of Recycled Plastic Lumber

Plastic bottles are a plastic waste material that can be collected from households and is used to make recycled plastic lumber as well as plastic waste from industrial sources. Instead of damaging the environment with waste material, plastic waste is recycled to make recycled plastic lumber which is good for many uses.

Homes and commercial buildings use recycled plastic lumber for their outdoor spaces. Recycled plastic lumber is commonly used in decks, fencing, gates, walkways, retaining walls, railings, flower pots, and flooring.

Getting recycled plastic lumber is useful for customers because it is resistant to mildew and fungal growth. When one is looking for material that does not rot they should consider using recycled plastic lumber. When constructing boardwalks and fences, one can use recycled plastic lumber because it is quick to use. It is easy to wipe off dirt from recycled plastic furniture.

Recycled plastic planks do not splinter or split after some time. Recycled plastic planks can help prevent an area from damage or flooding if the area is prone to that or areas where there is standing water. One can choose the color of their choice when they use recycled plastic lumber because they come in a variety of colors. Rain and other elements cannot damage recycled plastic furniture such as park benches and picnic tables.

Recycled plastic lumber is also used when making playground equipment. Another important use of recycled plastic lumber is in the making of signposts, speed bumps and car stops. Flower bed borders can also be made using recycled plastic lumber. It has been found beneficial for making pilings, boat docks and piers because it is water resistant.

Roofing shingles can also be designed using recycled plastic lumber. When using recycled plastic lumber flooring, one can use it for their home flooring purposes or for truck flooring. Construction companies are still testing the use of recycled plastic lumber although some have used it in a few structural applications. Recycled plastic lumber is resistant to insect damage and will save users from having to treat their furniture or lumber with chemicals.

It has also been found to be shock resistant and this is good for marine applications. Recycled plastic lumber can combine a few other materials other than plastic alone. Recycled plastic lumber or furniture cannot be painted so it remains in the color that one buys it.

Waste paper content is used in recycled plastic lumber to prevent it from becoming slippery. Recycled plastic lumber is used to replace concrete, timber, and metal for different applications. Using recycled plastic lumber lowers the carbon footprint on the environment. The convenience of using recycled plastic lumber means that one does not have to maintain their furniture.

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