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How to Get Your W-2 After a Change in Jobs

Great and reputable commercial enterprises have identified taking on new jobs every four or five years as very smart choice to take for your career. This is because of the skills acquired from working in different fields with new people and the positive impacts on your specific skill set. For a person who intends to make these job changes, there are some major and consequential steps one must not forget. The main agenda discussed here is pertaining an official document that is identified as the W-2 form.

This is a federal tax form that is given by employers stating the total amount of money paid to an employee per year.It is required by the internal revenue service for every employer to file this document which the employee shall use to determine if at one point in the year, they will be required to pay or get refunds. This document also tells your new employer the amount of money that your previous employer paid for your health insurance. It is also a main variable in when working out the amount of money to be used as retirement benefits for you.

After the significance of this document has been well looked into, it is time to explore the steps to take so as to get this document. The first step to make is reaching out to your employer and making requests on the same.Provide your contact information preferably your email address which is convenient when it comes to transfer of document type files. Remember that any mistakes in the email address will end up in your not getting your files and hence double check that its precise.

The second step that will help just in case you get stuck in the first step would be to contact the IRS. This is only wise if the employer has not developed any interest on your matter, for a significant period of time. The IRS will require the Employer Identification Number of your previous employer. W-2 forms and pay checks hold from recent years hold the above mentioned details.From this point onwards, the IRS will contact your employer on official grounds to remind them of their duty to issue your W-2. The two steps explained above will ensure that you do not succumb to any pressures that might arise when getting a W-2 form.

Sometimes, the above steps might not be effective, in this case one can still file taxes using the 4853 form which is a substitute to the W-2 form. The form can be accessed online in the IRS website. To avoid the need to file for adjustments to your tax returns using a 1040x form, ensure that the details on both documents is matching.

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