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Grease Removal to Avoid Fires.

The process of cleaning commercial kitchens in the vents, fans, exhaust pipes and other such places is known as hood cleaning. The process is done since these areas accumulate grease over a long period. Commercial kitchens have a lot of cooking taking place leading to the accumulation of the grease. Grease and the soot can get flammable if not cleaned out in time. Grease removal and cleaning is done by people who are equipped with the skills of cleaning. The service providers also require knowledge in plumbing to enable them to use water and control the water pipes in the restaurants. Accidents can be prevented by careful handling of hot water that is used to remove grease. The first process in the cleaning is by scrapping off the grease from metal walls of the exhaust system. The removal of grease by scrapping might not be needed in the case where the grease has not accumulated. Caution should be taken when dealing with pipes adjacent to electricity switches to avoid fires and other accidents. The removal of grease by scrapping provides a lighter surface that can be easily cleaned. The process of hood cleaning also involves the use of detergents and washing chemicals. The chemicals and detergents used for cleaning must be safe for food and not harmful to human beings.

The cleaning of a restaurant’s grease exhaust system should be done in regular intervals. Cleaning intervals highly depend on the type of food prepared and the frequency of cooking that takes place in the commercial kitchen. People who deal with kitchen cleaning have the knowledge to do the cleaning as is required. The hood kitchen cleaning mainly aims at preventing the fires that can be caused by accumulated grease. The other reason for cleaning is to maintain proper hygiene and clean food environment. Hot water under pressure is also used for the kitchen hood cleaning. The pipes are pumped with the waters to help expunge the grease that hold the surface. Caustic chemicals can be mixed with the water to facilitate quick removal of the grease.

The cleaning process also includes the removal and proper disposal of the grease to avoid clogging around the outlets in the restaurants and pollution of the environment. The hood kitchen cleaners also go through formal training to gain the cleaning skills necessary for their work. Hood cleaners are usually employed by companies who provide commercial cleaning services. The kitchen cleaners are then deployed to various workstations as per client request of service. Kitchen cleaning can be done for domestic kitchens.

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